Domestic users use foreign virtual hosts in general to build foreign trade websites. Because of business needs, enterprises often need to introduce their products to customers through websites. Since the customer’s first impression of the product is from the website, the company will make great efforts on the website, including the choice of virtual host. So where do domestic users go to buy foreign virtual hosts?

Foreign virtual host

There are basically two ways to purchase foreign virtual hosts in China: one is to buy directly through the virtual hosting company; the other is to purchase through domestic agents.

First, buy directly at the virtual hosting company

Generally, relatively powerful foreign web hosting providers have their own official website. Some of them also provide Chinese stations for domestic users in order to better serve domestic users. For example, HostEase, a web hosting provider from the United States. If you have enough information to understand the contents of the English station, you can buy it directly in the English station; if your English is not good, then buy it in the Chinese station.

Second, through the domestic agent purchasing

In order to open up the domestic market, many foreign web hosting providers often cooperate with some domestic enterprises to make them their own agents and promote them. Of course, in order to make them more advantageous, the general host will provide a certain amount of discount to attract users. For example, godaddy has a one-dollar offer. For more information, please visit:

Although there are a lot of host providers that provide foreign virtual hosts in China, they can’t just choose them, because virtual hosts are used as storage space for websites. If you choose a virtual host with poor stability, the number of websites will be reduced. Negative influences such as ranking decline, so when choosing a foreign virtual host, you must choose a well-known virtual host.

The above is a small series to introduce to you where to buy foreign virtual hosts. In the end, I must choose a host that has a certain reputation, otherwise the virtual host may not be guaranteed.