With the development of Internet technology, more and more personal websites are active on the Internet. The online presence of the website must be supported by a virtual host or server. Due to domestic space restrictions and the need to file, many personal websites are willing to choose overseas virtual hosts, including US virtual hosts. However, when many people choose the US virtual host, they all use price as the choice point. They think that the cheaper the better, in fact, there will be certain risks. So what should you pay attention to when selecting a US virtual host?

Pay attention to the speed and stability of the virtual host

Since the US virtual host computer room is located in the data center of the United States, it is far away from domestic users, so the speed is relatively slow compared to the domestic, the average speed is about 200ms, and the user should test the speed of the US virtual host to 200ms. As long as it does not exceed this standard, it is a relatively fast US virtual host. But it’s important to note that we don’t just pay attention to their speed, but stability is also very important, so we have to choose multiple different time periods for testing, and the access speed and packet loss rate of the US server. Wait for the record.

Pay attention to after sales service

If the website wants to operate well, the premise is to ensure that it can be accessed all the time, so when we choose the US virtual host, we should not only pay attention to the hardware configuration of the host, the network stability and other hardware requirements, but also pay attention to the after-sales service of the host. Technical Support. Try to choose a hosting company that provides 24*7 uninterrupted technical customer service, so that users who have encountered problems when using the virtual hosting website can contact their customer service at the first time to help us solve the problem.

Of course, in addition to the above reference factors, security, price, etc. are also things we need to pay attention to. When purchasing a virtual host, users should know whether there is the latest available coupon code. For example, HostEase host has the latest permanent 50% discount code 2015, etc., which can save the cost of building a station. In short, the US virtual host that suits your needs is the best. The webmaster friends should look at it more before choosing.