First, what is the IDC for everyone? After all, not everyone knows about IDC. IDC is the Internet data center, providing large-scale, high-quality, secure and reliable professional server hosting and space for enterprises, media and various websites. Lease, network wholesale bandwidth and other services.

1. Jiayun data

Jiayun Data is a cost-effective data center service and cloud service focusing on Hong Kong and overseas. Since 2000, it has operated Hong Kong computer room resources, has rich Hong Kong ip resources, and provides server rental and hosting services.

2. Kwai Fong IDC

The Kwai Fong Computer Room is an excellent Hong Kong IDC service provider. It is a network resource convergence point and operation and maintenance service center built to meet Internet application outsourcing services and resource leasing services.


IPTP offers professional and tailored solutions. Offering 24/7/36 24/7 service to corporate customers requiring high-level, non-packaged services, IPTP currently works with partners to serve more than 500 customers worldwide.

4. Singular interaction

Singular Interactive is an Internet basic application service provider that provides global network customers with domain name registration, Hong Kong virtual hosting, corporate email, virtual server (VPS), server rental, server hosting and other rich network products services.

5. Hengchuang Technology

Hengchuang Technology was established in 2010. Up to now, Hengchuang Technology has provided Internet services to more than 20,000 customers, providing hosting services for more than 50,000 websites. In 2014, it won the top ten IDC service providers in the host review network.

6. Youyi host

Founded in 2010, Youyi Hosts mainly serves small and medium-sized webmasters and small businesses. Its features include: powerful and inexpensive.

7. Host 91

Host 91 is committed to providing a stable, high-speed, affordable professional virtual hosting space, using Hong Kong data center, free of charge, mainland VIP line, providing 7X24 all-weather technical support.

8. Jiuhe Internet

Jiuhe Internet Professional provides Hong Kong server hosting and Hong Kong hosting services. Hong Kong server hosting has the advantages of line stability, redundant bandwidth, uninterrupted power, KVM software and hardware management.

Hong Kong IDC engine room ranking

1. Hong Kong New World Computer Room

Established in 2001, Hong Kong New World Computer Room has a storage area of ​​more than 30,000 square feet (2,700 square meters), providing secure and reliable server hosting services for local and overseas service providers and corporate customers.

2. Hong Kong Telecom PC Tower

Hong Kong PCCW is the most comprehensive communication service provider in Hong Kong. It is one of the world’s most consulting and communication technology companies. It is called the “four-in-one” operator of Hong Kong. It has four platforms: through PCCW. Fixed network, broadband Internet, mobile and TV communications; also offers a wide range of innovative media content and services.

3. Hong Kong Hutchison Computer Room

Established in 1995, Hong Kong Hutchison Computer Room is a large network access provider in Hong Kong. It has Hong Kong’s network route and dominates Hong Kong.

4. Hong Kong NTT Data Center

The Hong Kong NTT Data Center is a dedicated data center located in Tai Po, a well-located and environmentally safe location. The data center was officially opened in 2009 with a 7-storey building with a total area of ​​212,100 square feet. The data center is designed with Tier III+ specifications, fully redundant infrastructure, ISO management and safety certification.

5. Hong Kong line computer room

The Hong Kong line computer room is constantly introducing new technologies and enhancing service quality, paying attention to the stability of the network environment, the transmission and storage security of commercial data, and the bandwidth and overall network performance. Twelve nodes have been deployed in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and China.