Develop a good habit of frequently backing up when using WebHostingPad and other hosting websites. There are three common methods for backing up websites:

Manual backup

Manual backup is one of the common backup methods. Back up website data, mainly to back up the program files and databases of the website. The backup of the webpage file only needs to enter the file manager of the virtual host control panel to download and download the program file to the local. The downloading method can be directly downloaded from the background or downloaded through FTP. As for the backup of the database, you need to enter the database management program (such as MySQL phpMyadmin) to export the database to the local.

Host panel comes with backup

Backup functions are supported by mainstream host control panels such as cPanel. Take cPanel’s Backup function as an example. Click Backup to enter the backup page, and then select the backup website data (you can back up the program together with the database, or you can back up the program and database separately). After the backup is completed, a compressed file with the gz suffix will be generated, and the gz file can be directly clicked to download to the local. The host panel comes with a backup function that is relatively convenient for manual use.

Website backup

I don’t know if you have used the backup function in WordPress. That’s right, most website programs like WordPress and Discuz come with a backup function, which can back up the website data directly from the website program management background.

Back up with third-party tools

This is the most flexible backup method, and the backup efficiency is relatively high. But to achieve third-party tool backup, you also need the server itself to support certain features. The more popular third-party tool is Dropbox, which supports a variety of different operating systems. There is no single file limit, and the total free account capacity is 5G. The advantage of Dropbox for website backup is to support file version control, which can restore historical version files.

The webmaster friend can choose to back up his or her own website data in any way. Or at the beginning of the small article, it is necessary to develop a regular habit of backing up the website data, even if the website has an accident, it can be restored by backup.