When a domestic webmaster chooses a virtual host to build a website, there are generally two options. One is to choose a domestic host, and the other is to select an overseas host. However, due to the increasing number of websites, a variety of different host types have emerged on the market to accommodate different site building needs. For foreign trade companies that are currently hot, building their own foreign trade websites is an indispensable task. So which of the overseas hosts and domestic hosts are more suitable for building foreign trade websites? This problem has plagued many newcomers.

For overseas host and domestic host which is more suitable for foreign trade to build a station, Xiaobian should take a good look with everyone, the specific details are as follows:

Overseas host and domestic host which is more suitable for foreign trade station

First, what is the use of foreign trade websites? The only function of the enterprise to build a foreign trade website is to provide access to overseas users. The information and products of the company are posted to the website for users to browse. If the user is interested, the company will contact the company to reach a transaction. Of course, in addition to the transaction category, there are many different types of foreign trade websites, and the operation methods are different, but the ultimate goal is to put what you want users to see in the foreign trade website.

Second, what are the users of the foreign trade website? Since it is a foreign trade enterprise, the user facing is naturally an overseas user, otherwise it is called a foreign trade enterprise. Therefore, most of the users of foreign trade websites built by foreign trade companies are located overseas, but there may be cases of domestic users.

Finally, where does the foreign trade website choose the host? In order to better serve overseas users, foreign trade companies basically choose the data center closest to the user, where they rent a host to store the content of their website, because distance is the biggest factor affecting the speed of users accessing the website, so To allow overseas users to access their websites faster, foreign trade companies will choose overseas hosts as their own website.

However, some domestic novice webmasters may think that I am facing users in China’s mainland, not too far in distance, so I can choose domestic domestic websites to build their own foreign trade websites, and at the access speed. It will also be able to meet their own needs. This view is very common among the novice webmasters, mainly because they have not figured out the difference between overseas hosts and domestic hosts. Here, Xiaobian suggests that you read this article: Analysis of the difference between overseas hosts and domestic hosts. .

Summary: For overseas hosts and domestic hosts which are more suitable for foreign trade stations, of course, the choice of overseas hosts. When choosing the foreign trade website space, you must choose the nearest data center. If the users are scattered, you can choose the US virtual host. If you are targeting users in Asia, you can choose Hong Kong virtual host as the storage space of the website.