With the advent of the Internet information era, cloud hosting has gradually become more and more integrated into our lives and is favored by more and more people.

Hong Kong cloud host has many advantages, no need to record, fast access, cheap, etc., then what issues should be paid attention to when choosing Hong Kong cloud host?

1. Technical support

As a new generation of host lease service, cloud host integrates high-performance server and high-quality network bandwidth, effectively solves the shortcomings of traditional host rental price and uneven service quality, and can fully satisfy the SMEs and individual webmaster users. Hire services are low cost, highly reliable, and easy to manage. Compared with domestic cloud hosts, cloud hosts in Hong Kong and the United States are more mature in technology today, with high cost performance. Therefore, when choosing, be sure to choose a more professional host. Of course, in addition to Hong Kong cloud hosting, when choosing Hong Kong web hosting and Hong Kong servers, you should also choose a regular IDC provider. For example, the host products provided by the host companies such as bluehost and hostgator are well-received in the industry and are worthy of choice.

2, reliable and stable

The cloud host is based on cluster technology, with high redundancy and low failure rate. The common VPS is based on hardware, with relatively low redundancy and high failure rate. Hong Kong cloud hosts are optimized for DDOS attacks to ensure the stability and security of Hong Kong cloud hosts. At the same time, Hong Kong cloud host can achieve rapid migration and recovery of faults, which can guarantee 99.9% of host availability. For downtime caused by hardware failure, it can quickly eliminate faults and solve them. This is the basic choice for Hong Kong cloud host. Elements.

3, host performance aspects

Users can use the cloud host to configure and use the host according to their own needs. In contrast, the VPS is relatively limited, and the configuration cannot be changed arbitrarily. The cloud host is based on cloud computing technology and cluster technology. It can meet the high-performance technical requirements. It should be purchased from stability, security (including data security, backup, anti-attack, etc.), access speed, and supported hardware and software. Investigate in other aspects.

4, security aspects

The cloud host itself is not spoofed by ARP attacks and MAC addresses. It has a snapshot function. Data loss can be quickly recovered and security is high. Each user is exclusive host resource; good physical isolation ensures that the host will not interfere with other user host failures; provide OS, RAID and other status information in real time, built-in monitoring and alarming functions, built-in anti-ARP spoofing, distributed deployment Slow down DDOS attacks, etc., users can choose the operating system and software flexibly, and can update and patch at any time.

5, quality after-sales

The Hong Kong cloud host is more in line with the usage habits of the Chinese people. It avoids language barriers and can be solved in time when problems are encountered. Generally, the regular cloud hosting provider provides users with 24/7 service 24 hours a day, solving problems in the first time. At the same time, it provides a 30-day money back guarantee, which makes you feel more comfortable.

In short, buy Hong Kong cloud host has to choose a few reliable brands, and then choose according to your own needs, you can look at the server performance, price, ease of use, service, etc., do not blindly choose.