In recent years, there are many US hosts active in the domestic IDC market, which can be said to be mixed. Although the US host has many advantages such as free filing and high stability, domestic webmasters or foreign trade companies should choose a well-known host brand when choosing a US host. At least the hosted products are more guaranteed. The US hosts frequently used by domestic users include HostEase and GoDaddy. These well-known hosting companies have their unique advantages and are not in the market competition.

HostEase and GoDaddy are very popular in China. Their hosting solutions can meet the needs of different users. Therefore, domestic webmasters need to understand the needs of their websites when choosing a hosting website. This article compares HostEase and GoDaddy’s web hosting products to see what their similarities and differences, so that you can quickly choose the host solution that suits you.

Same point

1. Operating system. Both HostEase and GoDaddy provide Linux and Windows host operating systems. Linux uses cPanel control panel. Windows host uses Plesk control panel. The control panel can be switched to Chinese interface freely. The Linux host supports the PHP+MySQL program environment, while Windows supports PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, MySQL, and MSSQL.

2. Host package. Each operating system of HostEase and GoDaddy has three hosting packages, all providing unlimited space and unlimited traffic hosts. The domain name is free for any hosting solution, and the highest configured hosting package is given an SSL security certificate.

3. Fast and stable. Both HostEase and GoDaddy rely on advanced data centers to ensure fast and stable servers. Their host online rates are around 99.9%. In particular, HostEase’s equipment room is specially optimized for the line to improve the access speed in China.


1. Server room. HostEase host servers are hosted in data centers such as the US and Hong Kong, while GoDaddy has servers in the US, Singapore, and Europe.

2. PHP version support. Many of the current build programs are PHP, and some programs have specific compatibility requirements for the PHP version. HostEase supports almost all versions of PHP, while GoDaddy only supports versions above 5.2.

3. After sales service. Both HostEase and GoDaddy have a comprehensive after-sales service system, and customer service handles the problem online for customers 24 hours a day. However, HostEase has opened a Chinese website to support Chinese customer service, while GoDaddy only has English customer service. Relatively speaking, it is more convenient to have Chinese customer service communication.

4. Money back guarantee. HostEase supports a 30-day full refund, while GoDaddy supports a 45-day full refund.

5. Host offers. Different hosting offers are naturally different. HostEase Chinese Station offers coupon code 2015, which can enjoy 30% discount forever. The GoDaddy host launches a 50% discount link, which offers a 50% discount on the first year of purchase through the link.

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name host, a well-known brand in the domain name and hosting market, and HostEase is the best US hosting provider for localization services. They have both commonalities and their own characteristics, and users can choose the appropriate hosting and hosting solutions according to the needs of the website. More American host introduction, visit: