Recently, users who use WebHostingPad have reported that their website has been suspended, and prompted: This account has been suspended. The possible reason for this is that the user’s website has violated the hosting rules of the host, and of course the reason why the website was suspended. A variety of needs, you need to contact the host to know the specific reasons. However, common reasons are:

1. Resources exceed the standard. The virtual host has limitations on the memory, the number of files, and the resources such as the CPU. If the host uses these resources to exceed the standard, the general host will suspend your host account to prevent other users’ websites from being affected.

2. The traffic is abnormal. The traffic on the website may suddenly increase dramatically during a certain period of time, causing the website to become abnormally accessed. It may be that the resources on the website are crawled by some messy search engines, or the website may be injected with a lot of spam.

3. The domain name space has not been renewed in time. The general space provider will send an email to remind the user to renew the fee in time when the product expires. If the user does not renew the fee in time, the host will suspend the website.

4. The website is being hung up. There are a lot of virtual host users on the same server. Once a certain account is hung up, it will inevitably affect the websites of other users. Therefore, the host company will immediately suspend the host account when it detects that the website is being hacked by a Trojan.

5. Being complained of infringement. This occurs most when using overseas hosts such as the United States. Because the United States and other countries have a strong awareness of copyright protection, once someone complains that the user’s website is infringed, the host company will suspend its hosting account until the infringement problem is resolved.

Not just WebHostingPad, most web hosting companies have such regulations. Host users encounter this situation, the first is to contact the customer service of your host, ask the reason why the website is suspended, and solve the problem under the guidance of the official customer service, and then wait for them to restore your website.